Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GoPro take 2

Go Pro.... big disappointment... finally bought a Go Pro Hero 3 Black.... By far the buggiest thing I've ever fooled with. While it is capable of some good video... it locked up so many times I lost count... this requires removing the battery to recover.

The last day I had it it locked up three times and never did record video so I took it back... it came with a WiFi remote which was pretty much useless if you have an Android or I Phone. They have an app for controlling all the camera functions including live preview. On one occasion... I was able to preview video while recording... only happened once and supposedly is not supported.

A lot of things aren't so well supported on the Go Pro... so I took it back for a refund... One major bitch for me is you can only buy the Black Hero 3 with the WiFi remote... the marketing folks trying to squeeze all they can out of the market... A decent package would be the Hero 3 Black with 2 batteries... a stand alone charger... and a better selection of mounts / holders. Battery life sucks big time.... and charging the battery in camera via USB is painfully slow.

Oh well maybe craigslist or ebay has a better deal.