Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Berry's Pond

I'm going to put serious effort into posting more often here... I got a new drone that I've managed to get past the first few flights without any unfortunate incidents... hope it stays that way. I recently posted this pic on the Friends of the Tygerberry Landing which is on Berry's Pond. I grew up on the banks of the Middle Tyger River in Turkeypaw... actually Tucapau aka Startex. A little mill town that no longer has a mill. Back in the day it had its own hydro electric generator and there was also one at Berry's pond. I have a page about the old power plant at Berry's Pond.

Berry's Pond is on the South Tyger River and Tygerberry Landing is a site that is open to the public and if you are into canoeing or kayaking you can paddle upstream there and quickly enter into a window back in time as there is very little development on the river. There are a couple of access points in Duncan as well though I'm told there is a log jam just below the access point at Beech Springs in Duncan. I hope to help in a project to clear the log jam there so you can put in there and take out at Berry's Pond.

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