Thursday, January 12, 2023

Overdue Road Trip


I made a long overdue road trip down to Charleston a few days ago... the weather was very nice... got up to 65 degrees three days in a row but it was a little nippy at night. I found a Tartan 33 sailboat that has  been on Facebook marketplace forever and I finally got around to going down to take a look at it...  it is a bit if a fixer upper but it does have some brand new sails... which is rare for a boat this age. The engine had been replaced somewhere along the way. I shot some drone video while I was there and made a short video of the marina. I used DaVince Resolve to create it. My subscription to Adobe Premiere had expired and this a free package with a ton of helpful videos on using it on youboob. I never was all that handy with the adobe stuff but all the online tutorials for the Black Magic software made it a lot less painful. I had downloaded it a while back but after I looked at it... it looked painfully not user friendly. With the expiration of my Adobe software I was motivated to try DaVinci  again and found some good videos on youboob right off the bat.. there is a ton of stuff on youboob about it.

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