Friday, January 6, 2023

ChatGPT the new AI Portal

ChatGPT has only been online for a few weeks now and there are already hundreds of videos on youboob on how to make money using chatGPT and if you make the mistake of watching one you will be overwhelmed with a barrage of videos related to chatGPT. Unfortunately youboob has become so repetitive and mind numbingly boring as to suggested content that it has become one of those sites you love to hate. I think I need to ask chatGPT how to get better content to show up on youboob.

I had to try out the new chatGPT AI portal... I'm an old electronics nerd of sorts and spent a lot of money over the years on everything from Arduino to Raspberry Pi just to hit the high spots. As someone who has spent a lot of time over the years on discussion boards related to everything from homebuilt drones to electric bikes and quite a few software support sites... it was a welcome change of pace. No smart ass responses... responses were immediate and if you asked a follow up it was smart enough to know what you just asked and expand on it. 

 I owned a sailboat for a short time and kept it at Carolina Beach in NC. The Carolina Beach inlet has a nasty current and if you try to make the passage at the wrong time... it was a hand full to put it mildly. This sailboat under power would only do about 5 knots or so and the current could be close to that. I made the mistake once of trying to help a couple on a jetski whose engine had failed and they were it the inlet.. I attempted to tow them and it was a lost cause. We were coming in and the current was going out so we were bucking it. I had to let them go and within minutes their jetski was several hundred yards out to sea. A sea tow did rescue them in short order... and I learned I would never try that again. 

I asked the AI portal to write me a story of a rescue gone bad in the Carolina Beach inlet... it was not particularly creative but it was an interesting experiment... I went from that to asking it to create the code for a web page that would run on a Raspberry Pi that would allow you to upload a file to the server. That was much more in its element I think... and it was able to expand on the details when asked... and it remembered what you and it had already said. So if you are bored and want to try it out here it is... chatGPT  but I'll warn you ahead of time if watch any youboob videos about it... you will be inundated with all sorts of videos telling you how to make money and all sorts of other things using chatGPT.

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