Thursday, January 31, 2019

Duke uses Facebook for Customer Support ?

I spent about 40 minutes on the phone yesterday with Duke Energy's so called customer service about 38 of those minutes were listening to some loud obnoxious music. I looked on their website for a contact me link so I could send them an email... they don't have that either. They do however have someone manning facebook and twitter and encourage you to submit your customer service issues there. I find that both sad and unsatisfactory for a company of their size....with a CEO whose salary was 21 million in 2017. I find it hard to imagine how one person is worth that kind of money in a publicly held company. But it has become the nature of things in this country unfortunately. It's not about pubic service anymore... It about lining the pocketbooks of the elite few.

I found this link about CEO salaries of publicly held companies in the country... the top 200 CEO's salaries in 2017 add up to a combined total of $3,149,726,435... That's a lot of fat.

26 CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Tax   thats from 2012 before the most recent round of tax breaks

They have a website where supposedly you can monitor your smart meter... I've never actually seen it because the website is broken.... which was part of my reason for calling them in the first place.

I did post on their facebook page that I though they should have a way of contacting customer service on their own webpage... if you think so too perhaps you could go there and comment too.

Facebook Duke Energy

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