Monday, June 26, 2017

Portland Oregon by Kayak

My son invited me to visit him in Portland Oregon last September and I made the trip in October. It turned out to be a great trip. He took a Friday off and we had three days to visit some of the sights there. One of the highlights of the trip came on Monday after he went back to work and left me his vehicle to explore on my own. I went down to the waterfront area and found Alder Creek Kayak shop and rented a kayak for a few hours. It had been overcast and raining most of the time there but there was no rain on Monday.

I paddled around for a couple of hours and decided to check out a waterfront bar and restaurant...the Island Cafe. When I left there the sun had come out for first time since I had been in Portland and the views were spectacular. Hundreds of waterfront homes on floating docks supported by thousands of big logs... quite unlike anything I had seen before.

We had been up near Mt Hood a few days prior but it was overcast and raining and could not see the mountain... After I left the bar I paddled around a bit and when I turned around to head back I could see Mt Hood in the distance... it was quite a view.

On the drive back to my son's place I was treated to this view of the Columbia River and Mt Hood... a great finish to a great day.

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