Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Getting Old is Hell... but it sure beats the alternative

As if I needed another reminder of just how old I'm getting... caught a late night wave surfing the net with no particular destination in mind. David Cassidy has passed away... Star Trek TNG turned 30 years old in 2017... Dale Earnhardt Jr rode into the history books.. I was never a big fan of Jr... more of a Tony Stewart guy... Danica went down in flames too... only 1 top ten finish this year... She's a cutie but seem to wreck in every race I watched... which was only a couple. Nascar... like the NFL... just aint what it used to be or maybe I'm just getting old too. The days of Richard Petty and and David Pearson just a faded memory... just like watching them on regular TV.

A new broadcast standard set to replace the current one which I had some hand in... working at WSPA when they switched over to HD TV 20 years ago now.   There is  new standard set to make existing TV's obsolete. WSPA is a shadow of its former self... it changed hands while I was there and has done so several times since... and now seems to make its living showing old reruns of Andy Griffith. They still dont have an HD camera on the eye in the sky helicopter... you can buy a drone with a 4K camera on it and do your own aerial video cheaper than a lot of cell phones. Some of them you can even control with your cell phone. Scary to think what a broadcast quality 4K camera might cost... not to mention all of the related equipment that goes with it.

TV itself seems to be showing signs of extinction... youboob and cell phones that fit in your hand made in third world countries by companies with their headquarters on some obscure island and cost as much or more than the huge old console color TV's with their massive picture tubes. Most of the cost going to going to a choice few at the top.

It appears that I have gotten a bit off track as seems to be norm for getting old and for most ventures onto the net. Our form of government seems to be getting pretty old too... old geezers with lots of makeup... still arguing about immigration and doing nothing but spending money and lives in far away places with no end in sight.

But the year 2020 is just over the hill... it has a bit of a science fiction ring to it the year 2020. I distinctly remember pondering how old we would be in the year 2000 long ago on the playground during recess at Startex Elementary.  I'm a bit surprised I've made it this far but with a little luck I'll still be here bitching about something.

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